At the beginning, we were called Belgrade Noise Society.
The name implied the circle of musicians working on a different kind of musical expression from the mainstream pop/rock, that was taking over the entire scene. Improvisation, experimentation, noise, free jazz and all "challenging" ways music can go, were our source of inspiration. Often, we'd involve people who were not into these kind of approaches, and it would make it even more interesting. At this time, we were not a band, but more open collective that changed the line up of musicians performing.
Originally formed by bassist Milos Pajagic, guitarist WoO and visual artist Incredible Bob back in 2005. idea was to meet different people, collaborate, work on a specific pieces and perform them at different venues around the country and abroad.
We'd travel to Slovenia and hook up with math-rock drummer Peter Suklar, world-jazz sax player Breda Krumpak and noise-pop guitarist Borut Dolenec, and form the large band of seven people with Ivan Ckonjevic and Jamal Al Kiswani. We'd invite six guitarists and organized a circle of SIX to perform cycle-delic music live. We made a split band with Temple of the smoke ( Noise Temple ) and collaborated with other musicians and bands.

In 2009. we dropped the Society from our name. No particular reason, even though we kind of reached the limit of interested local musicians that we can work with. Around that time, we met Dusan Damnjanovic, drummer who's main interest is in jazz field. Within 6 months, we were playing shows and composing music. We became Belgrade Noise, with a nod to the similarly titled compilation from Soul Jazz records.
And we became a band.
Belgrade Noise Trio is largely inspired by free jazz and noise rock music from the long gone era. Keeping the improvisational approach to composing, trio often plays shows with other musicians, the most often collaborator being saxophone player Jamal Al Kiswani, with whom we played many shows before. Group developed certain style that is largely related to a modern term "Fire music".
WoO is an experimental guitarist and sound artist from Serbia's capitol, Belgrade, born in 1978.

Taking clues from electronic music pioneers, he experiments with mobile devices such as mobile phones, remote controls, media devices, computer equipment and similar, to capture their frequency interferences through his guitar magnets. "Amplifying the air" through his guitar, WoO creates magical sound-world, frequency rich, oscillating and meditative.
Inspired by early and modern western/eastern rock and folk music, he plays desert sounding guitarscapes and drone rock music.
Soundscape ambience, distortion drones, high pitch harmonics and analog electronic sounds all find their place inside of his compositions.
Occassionaly, WoO plays synthesizer and guitar on live shows, creating spaced out drone symphonies, rich with layers of melodies that intertwine with each other, until reaching the full spectrum of blissful noise.
In 2009. he attended the first Dutch Improv Academy where he played with Han Bennink, Peter Van Bergen, Cor Fuhler, Wilbert De Joode, Tristan Honsinger, Wolter Wierbos and musicians from all over the World in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Groningen.
So far he played with many musicians from around the World: Stephan Schneider ( Mapstation, To Rococo Rot ), Martin Brandlmayr ( Radian, Trapist, Autistic Daughters ), Mole Harness aka James Brewster, Simon Spurrier ( Sickoakes ), Ivan Ckonjevic, Jamal Al Kiswani, Nenad Markovic, Milana Zaric, Svetlana Maras and many others. With visual artist Incredible Bob, WoO played many audio/visual shows in Belgrade and around the World, both on solo shows and festivals such as Dis-patch festival, Today's Art Festival, Norberg Festival, MUTEK festival, Communikey festival, Fano Free Folk Festival and many others.
The Wire
"As a result, it seems as if the air has taken on a ragged scouring shape around each of his compositions. A performace by WoO must certainly be worth catching.
25.10. - Yoshio Machina ( JPN ) + Suzana Sumrah + WoO @ MKC Kombinat, Zemun
09.11. - WoO + Marko Paunovic @ KC Grad, Beograd